In the first dialog with you, it is important for us, that you have decided what it is you as a client want done and how you want it implemented in the final project. Our wide experience gives you as a client a differentiated choice of solutions, which can demand various degrees of information. For 3D visualizations, whether it is for a web solution or a brochure, we always require: All the digital drawings that can be provided, meaning: Façade drawings, floor plans, sections, ground plans and interior design plans, if such have been developed. Area photos if they are available. If that is not the case, we have our own photographer who can take the necessary shots, so that views from windows etc. correspond with area and surroundings. Target group analysis, for the later interior design is also an important note to be aware of in this part of the project. For web solutions it is further important that you have decided what it should be able to accomplish. In short that means what, should the build in modules be able to do. Should there be dynamic maps, contact sheet, working drawings of floor plans, pictures etc. Last but not least it is important that the text is carefully considered. This of course also applies to brochures. When we have found a price and the final result is clarified, we can start the actual work.


Whether we are going to make 3D or layout, web or real-time, each project starts with creating an overview of the projects extent, purpose and deadline. From experience we know the best results are reached by inviting everybody implicated in the process to a meeting in our office. That means contractor, the architect, real-estate agent and possible advertising agency. Everybody is invited to the meeting so eventual differences in the overall expression can be clarified. This as a rule means that we will use fewer hours for proofs, as our long experience usually brings us very close to the client's wishes the first time. As soon as all these elements are in place, and we furthermore have received all relevant material, we will be able to start the project. In most cases we will prepare a first proof that we will revise together with the client to determine any corrections that need to be made. When we have a product, that the client is satisfied with, we then look at its further journey. Shall it be implemented in a larger solution such as a webpage, a folder or as a single standing Still picture, or a 360* panorama Photo that can be delivered at once.


The delivery method depends on the nature of the project. As a rule we deliver the project precisely as the client wishes it. With our wide background in graphic and web based layout, it is basically only imagination that sets the limitations. The two preferred solutions are to implement the project in a web based solution or let the client download the project via Ftp or E-mail.


At 3D huset we have a broad range of qualifications in graphics and can solve any job from residential visualizations to character modeling or products, both for real time, animations and images of any kind. Graphics and layout, Web, Project homepages, Realtime, Panorama,3D animations, 3D visualizations, Products.

Welcome to 3D huset

At 3D Huset we deliver high quality 3D and multimedia solutions to a variety of branch related fields. Our clients can purchase a variety of solutions, such as:

We primarily focus on the building industry, estate agents and architects, but in the last few years we have also acquired a solid experience with many kinds of household products. Through our high quality 3D visualizations we enable our clients to market and sell their products, while they in most cases, are still on the drawing board. We make an effort to be efficient and make your experience with us a pleasant one.


In the heart of Valby

Skelmosevej lies in Valby in attractive surroundings. Wheeler Properties have developed 31 apartments and 3D huset have delivered atmospheric 3d visualizations for the sales material as well as sales folders, signs for the building site and a project website.

Apartments in central Copenhagen

Danbolig markets spacious apartments in Store Kongensgade situated in the central City of Copenhagen. For this project we delivered 3D visualizations, a project homepage and sales folders.

Vacation in the heart of Berlin

Prenzlaur Allee runs through the quarter Prenzlaur Berg, close to the center of Berlin. Atlas Gulve ApS is currently renovating the house on Prenzlaur Allee 88. The secluded court yard milieu invites its inhabitants to enjoy their vacation, and the long summer nights on their balconies. For this project 3D Huset delivers pre 3D visualization of the façade, a project homepage as well as 3D visualizations of the court yard milieu and of a selected demo apartment.

The golf course as a Neighbour

With a view over the golf course from the roof terrace, bedrooms and living room, this project gave rich opportunities to produce a very presentable sales material. MT-Estate ordered 3D visualizations of the dwellings seen from the golf course, a sales brochure that presented both the dwellings and the area in an attractive way, as well as a homepage for the project.


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